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Automated Job Posting with Reach ATS -how to turn a headache into a high-five! 

We’ve all been there, sat posting jobs to multiple job boards, trying to balance our advertising budget with the need to get as many eyes as possible on that all important job ad. 

Whether you’re hiring at scale or looking for a very specific technical specialist, finding the right person for your vacancy depends on them seeing your ad. 

But spending hours writing ads, manually posting them to your preferred boards and firmly crossing your fingers you’ve picked the right ones, isn’t necessarily going to help you build that dream team. And it takes up huge amounts of your team’s time.  

Reach ATS has been designed using our decades of specialist experience with job boards. That means we’ve thought of everything that you might need to post your job vacancy,  automated as much as we can, and leveraged our media buying power to help save you time, and money. Want to know more? Read on! 

No more blind job posting – Make all hires smart hires with our data insights and expertise. 

One of the best things about using an ATS to post your job ads is the information it collates for you.  Maybe you think you already know which boards work best for you (and for which vacancies), but a little data doesn’t hurt does it? 

Reach ATS constantly monitors the responses to your job postings, letting you know which job boards get the best response rates and which ad styles get results. 

By tracking and recording ALL response data, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about job posting and refine your selection of job boards and advert styles, leading to better (and quicker) hires. 

These data insights can also be used to inform your recruitment strategy; enabling you to plan and predict hiring trends. Oh yes, and your advertising budget will thank you too! 

Making automated job posting easy.  

No more juggling posting to multiple job boards. Think of Reach ATS as a rather efficient PA, one who’ll upload those jobs to your chosen job boards at the click of a button.  Just set your preferences and Reach will post your job to any UK or international job board of your choice. 

We also offer premium job board listings, either using your existing ad accounts or a Reach Online package. Just let us know your preferred options and we’ll set up automatic posting, fully branded ad templates and video and banner imagery for you. All optimised for Google for jobs, maximising your ad visibility.

Sound simple? That’s because it is! 

Got a question you’re stuck on? Phone a friend!

When you purchase Reach ATS you’re not just buying job posting software, you’re also gaining access to a wealth of recruitment experience. With over 20 years in the business, we know a thing or two about talent attraction!

Our Candidate Attraction team place thousands of ads a month for our clients. They know job boards inside out and back to front and are always happy to share their expertise – who doesn’t like a chance to show off!

Know what the collective noun for project managers is? We don’t either, but if you wanted to hire a gaggle of project managers, we’d know the best job boards to use. Need an archaeologist who specialises in Roman ruins? We’ll get digging. 

Whether you’re hiring at scale or seeking that rare unicorn hunter for a very specific project, we can help. 

We use our media buying power and advertising expertise to promote your roles at a great price, and in the right places. Our multi-job posting ATS software will post to all your chosen job boards at the click of a button, for that ‘cast a wide net’ approach; or you can access our specialists for advice on the best platform for that one specific role.  

Our expertise (human and tech) is there for you. All you have to do is ask.

Job Posting the Reach way.

Hiring isn’t easy, there’s a huge amount to consider with every step of your recruitment process.  Job posting with Reach won’t take away all your hiring headaches, but it can definitely ease the load. 

Here’s what Reach ATS offers in a nutshell: 

  • A wealth of expertise to help you source the very best talent. 
  • Simple job posting at the click of a button, 
  • Preferential job board rates,
  • Fully branded templates for all your advertising needs (all optimised for Google for Jobs)

Our data insights and advertising knowhow will help refine and inform your recruitment strategy, leaving you with a healthier budget and a much smaller to do list. What’s not to like?

Want to know what else we can do? Reach out today.