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  • Make your candidate experience extraordinary
    Give your future employees a first-class applicant experience with our brilliant candidate portal.

  • Blow your own trumpet!
    Want to attract the best candidates?
    You need a great shop window.

    Our candidate portal gives your future employees a first-class applicant experience. (And they’ll never know they’re not on your company website.)

Make them look twice

First impressions count. When you’re trying to attract the best talent, you need an application process that feels easy and engaging.

Reach ATS candidate portal and candidate management system really is the gold-standard when it comes to talent attraction.

Optimised for all devices and branded with your company’s livery. The portal offers a seamless interaction for candidates, who will never know they’re not on your company website.

The fast and friendly portal allows log in via social media and the web. Applications can be completed over multiple sessions and alerts and prompts remind them of deadlines.

With self-select interview options and the ability to sign contracts and complete onboarding, applying for a vacancy through a Reach candidate portal really does feel effortless.

Features include:

  • Search and apply for jobs
  • Make speculative applications
  • Review company policies and onboarding documents
  • Offer and contract acceptance
  • Receive onboarding documents
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • WGAG AA Accessibility Rated
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