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  • Applicant Tracking Software

    Discover the transformative world of applicant tracking software, a pivotal technology that redefines how businesses & organisations attract top-notch talent

ATS Software for HR Professionals

In the fiercely competitive job market, having a streamlined recruitment process is crucial. As a recruitment professional, you need a tool that effortlessly manages applicant data from inception to hire.

Dive into the transformative world of applicant tracking software, a pivotal technology that redefines how businesses attract top-notch talent. Let’s address some critical questions about this essential recruiting tool.

What is Applicant Tracking Software?

In simple terms, it is a digital solution that automates and manages the recruitment process, revolutionising your talent acquisition strategy. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, recruiting can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Here is where the applicant tracking system software steps in as a game-changer.

This digital solution not only organises and collects candidate data but also screens potential candidates, making the recruitment process both efficient and effective. It simplifies the tracking of applicants through various stages of the recruitment process, from initial contact through to exporting hired candidate’s data into your Payroll and other HR systems.

Why Should I Consider ATS Software?

As a recruitment specialist, you know that time is a valuable asset. ATS software centralises candidate data, enabling HR managers and executives to make quick, informed decisions and focus more on strategic initiatives.

Also, in today’s competitive candidate market, maintaining a positive brand image is critical. ATS software crafts a positive and seamless candidate experience, fostering a community of prospective future candidates and enhancing your brand image. From automated responses to personalised communication, it ensures that every applicant is treated with the respect and consideration they deserve. This positive interaction not only elevates the brand image but can also foster a community of potential future candidates.

ATS software also integrates into the broader ecosystem of HR management, offering in-depth insights into the recruitment funnel and assisting in devising strategies that attract the best talent.

How Can Applicant Management Software Transform My Recruitment Process?

Envisage a tool at your disposal that not only tracks applicants but also offers analytics and insights into the recruitment pipeline. Applicant management software gives a panoramic view of the recruitment funnel, identifying areas for enhancement and integrating with other HR tools to promote efficiency and productivity.

What Features Should I Look For in ATS Software?

When choosing a system, prioritise ease of use, mobile accessibility, integration capabilities, and strong analytics to align with your strategic objectives. Remember, this software should streamline processes, not complicate them further.

Integration capabilities with job boards and social media platforms, as well as your own website, will help you to cast a wider net to attract the right talent.

The ability to create robust analytics to guide data-driven decisions is another key feature to consider. These analytics can help you to identify trends, monitor the efficiency of recruitment strategies, and optimise the return on investment in the recruitment process.

How Can Reach ATS Software Serve My Organisation?

Reach software caters to the specific needs of HR professionals, hiring managers, and candidates alike. From intuitive user interfaces to detailed reporting capabilities, Reach transforms your recruitment strategy from reactive to proactive, helping you to attract top talent with ease.

Developed with the understanding that every organisation has unique needs, Reach provides a customisable platform that adapts to your recruitment workflow rather than forcing you to adapt to it.

Our team collaborates with professionals like you to nurture a recruitment process that is both streamlined and responsive to the fluctuating demands of the job market. This makes Reach a wise investment for the future of your organisation.

Experience the transformative potential of applicant tracking system software with Reach. Book a demo today or discover the full overview of our ATS System Features.

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Frequently asked questions
What is applicant tracking software (ATS)?
Applicant tracking software (ATS) is software designed to streamline and automate the entire hiring process. It allows companies to manage job postings, track applicants, screen CVs, schedule interviews, and ultimately select and hire candidates.
Why should your company use applicant tracking software?

There are several reasons why your company should consider using applicant tracking software:

  • Efficiency: An ATS automates manual tasks, saving time and effort in managing job applications and candidate data.
  • Organisation: It centralises candidate information, CVs and communication, making it easier to track and evaluate applicants.
  • Collaboration: An ATS promotes collaboration among recruiters and hiring managers by providing a centralised platform for candidate evaluation and feedback.
  • Compliance: It helps ensure fair and unbiased hiring practices by storing applicant data securely and allowing for standardised screening and evaluation processes.
  • Improved Quality of Hire: An ATS assists in identifying top candidates by using predefined criteria for resume screening, leading to better quality hires.
What is the difference between applicant tracking software and general HR software (HRIS)?

While applicant tracking software focuses primarily on managing the hiring process, HR software is a broader term that encompasses various tools used for managing a company’s entire HR function. Human Resource software may include features such as job sourcing, employer branding, onboarding, sickness and holiday management and developing training plans.

What are the benefits of applicant tracking software for recruiters?

Applicant tracking software offers numerous benefits for recruiters, including:

  • Easy job posting and distribution across multiple platforms.
  • Automated CV screening and filtering based on predefined criteria.
  • Centralised candidate database with advanced search and sorting capabilities.
  • Streamlined interview scheduling and collaboration with hiring managers.
  • Efficient communication with candidates, including automated email templates and notifications.
  • Analytics and reporting on key recruitment metrics, helping to optimise the hiring process.
What are the benefits of applicant tracking software for candidates?

Applicant tracking software benefits candidates in the following ways:

  • Simplified application process: ATS often allows candidates to apply with a CV or LinkedIn profile, eliminating the need for repetitive form-filling.
  • Enhanced candidate experience: Candidates receive automated updates on their application status, keeping them informed throughout the hiring process.
  • Fair evaluation: ATS ensures that all applicants are evaluated based on consistent criteria, reducing bias and promoting fairness.
  • Faster response times: With streamlined processes, recruiters can provide quicker feedback and responses to candidates.
  • Improved visibility: Candidates can easily track their application progress and access information about the company and job.
What should you consider when selecting an applicant tracking software?

When selecting an applicant tracking software, consider the following factors:

  • Features: Assess if the software meets your specific needs, including job posting, resume screening, collaboration, and reporting capabilities.
  • User-friendliness: Ensure that the interface is intuitive and easy to navigate for both recruiters and candidates.
  • Integration: Check if the ATS integrates with other HR tools, such as HRIS or payroll systems, to streamline data flow.
  • Support and training: Consider the level of support and training you’ll receive alongside the implementation.

Reach ATS is feature rich, intuitive, integrates perfectly with existing systems, and also offers industry leading support & training.