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What is a Candidate Management System?

Candidate management refers to the comprehensive process of handling prospective employees’ interactions from the initial contact stage, through application, shortlisting, interviewing, and eventually, to the hiring phase. It is a strategic approach aimed at ensuring a seamless, efficient, and positive experience for every candidate, which in turn enhances an organisation’s employer brand.

The Reach ATS Approach

We adopt a comprehensive approach to candidate management software by integrating every element of the recruitment process. Our system ensures that each candidate’s journey is perfectly managed, offering a personalised, engaging experience.

Our candidate management system is designed to optimise every step of the recruitment process. With automation and intuitive design at its core, Reach ATS allows recruiters to concentrate on selecting the best talent while candidates enjoy a smooth, user-friendly experience.

Key Features of Reach Candidate Management Software

Comprehensive Candidate Record Cards

Collect and store detailed candidate information, so recruiters have an in-depth understanding of each applicant’s qualifications, experiences, and suitability for specific roles.

Easily access candidate files, emails, SMS texts, shortlisting feedback, interview details, offer and contract setup details, onboarding documentation and more from one single area.

The system nurtures potential employees throughout the recruitment journey. Crucial stages are managed, from shortlisting candidates for interview, actual interview management, through to offers, pre-employment verification, and successful onboarding.

Effective Candidate Shortlisting

Streamlined process for shortlisting candidates with a dedicated module. Allows single or multiple hiring managers to shortlist candidates per vacancy, offering flexibility and collaboration. With intelligent criteria for shortlisting candidates, intuitive software calculates percentage scores for essential and desirable criteria and ranks candidates based on overall shortlisting score. Gather and review feedback from shortlisters to foster a comprehensive view of candidates. Blind shortlisting option minimises bias and promotes fairness in the selection process.

Automated Communication

Enhance candidate engagement with automated (but personalised) communications at every stage of the recruitment process, to ensure that your candidates are well-informed and fully engaged.

Trigger relevant candidate correspondence in perfect time based on step completions, or key date milestones, or key events, or even specific answers in forms.

Interview Scheduling and Management

Reach doesn’t just streamline the coordination of interviews for you, it allows you to effortlessly schedule, plan, and invite candidates for a wide range of engagement formats, from traditional face-to-face interviews to virtual sessions, including presentations and panel discussions. 

Our candidate management software is robust enough to handle even complex assessment centres, ensuring every aspect of the interview process is managed with precision and ease.

Onboarding Management

Onboarding is more than just paperwork – it’s the first impression new hires will have of your organisational culture. Reach will transform this process for you.

Through automated workflows, document management, and interactive modules, new employees are not only efficiently onboarded but also instilled with a sense of belonging and connection right from the start.

Data-Driven Insights

Whether you prefer onscreen summaries, emailed digests, direct exports, integration with Power BI, or require both standard and customised reporting, our platform caters to every analytical need, ensuring you remain informed and ahead of the curve.

Cultivating Positive Candidate Experience

At Reach, we know that a positive candidate experience has a direct bearing on your organisation’s reputation and your ability to attract top-tier talent.

Our candidate management system will simultaneously streamline your operational efficiency and enrich the candidate’s journey by creating a lasting positive impression.

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In a competitive talent market, the efficiency of your candidate management process can set you apart.
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