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    From job boards to onboarding our smart ATS system is there to help you feel a bit more human?
reach for…
a better ATS

Our intuitive software is customisable and feature rich. Individual portals provide seamless access for candidates, hiring managers and your HR team.

Features include:

  • Automatic job board posting
  • Screening and selection technology
  • Group and view candidates by stages
  • Integration with third party providers
  • Interview management
  • At-a-glance updates on all live vacancies
  • Onboarding process
  • Automated reference collection
  • Standard and custom reporting
Free your inbox,
find your candidate.

Hiring a new team member shouldn’t be hard work. Reach ATS speeds up your requisition process with custom workflows for your organisation and an online portal for hiring managers. Meaning you can wave goodbye to scouring your inbox for that request to hire document.

  • Assign multiple approvers
  • Online ‘request to hire’/requisition/vacancy forms
  • Automated approval process
  • Job templates for faster advert creation
Take your job local,
or global

Add your preferred job boards to our flexible system and Reach will automatically post your job ads for you. It really is that simple. Reach also tracks and records all response data, meaning you can work out which job boards find you the best candidates.

  • List on any job board UK, or worldwide
  • Automatic job posting
  • Collate data to inform recruitment strategy

Looking for advice on candidate attraction? We’d love to help. With over XX years’ experience with job boards across the UK and worldwide, we’re happy to share our expertise.

Making short work
of shortlisting

Shortlist in seconds with our reviewing toolkit. Manage applications on a single-screen view and filter using customisable criteria.

  • Blind shortlisting for diversity and inclusivity
  • Shortlist by desirable and essential criteria
  • Set up scorable shortlisting
  • Automate candidate progress correspondence

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Don’t let logistics
let you down

Booking, managing, and organising candidate interviews is a time-consuming process. Let Reach do the leg work, so you can focus on getting to know your future team mates/colleagues.

  • Book and manage online and face-to-face interviews
  • Fully integrated with Teams and 365 for seamless candidate experience
  • Candidates can self-select convenient interview slots
  • Interview scheduler with clash management for internal teams
Seal the deal

Don’t let a sluggish contract process make you miss out on the perfect candidate. Use Reach to auto generate personalised offers and contracts using pre-loaded templates and documents.

  • Online offer acceptance
  • Bespoke automatic acceptance chaser for non-respondents
  • Optional electronic signatures
From candidate
to co worker

Give candidates the warmest welcome with Reach’s dedicated candidate onboarding portal and make them feel they’re part of the team before they even walk through the door.

  • Customisable candidate onboarding portal
  • Run pre-employment checks (including DBS and Right to Work)
  • Share documents and onboarding information
Making it personal

No two companies are the same. No two Reach ATS systems are the same.

When you partner with us, we customise Reach ATS to suit your organisational structure and workflows. We automate and streamline your systems to make them work harder for you.

  • Unlimited flexible recruitment workflows
  • Dedicated recruitment journeys for different candidates
  • Automated trigger actions, tasks, and alerts where you need them.
  • Self-service workflow tools
  • Fantastic support from the Reach Support Team

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We mix well
with others

Got your own HRIS? No problem. Our ATS likes to integrate with other systems (it’s pretty friendly) and will happily merge data with your existing HRIS.

  • Automatic transfer of new hire data
  • Intuitive data export
  • Plug’n’play integration with all leading HRIS
Crunching the data

Reach ATS is a bit of a geek when it comes to data. Our system tracks and collates all the recruitment data you could ever want, and more. So you’ll always have the figures you need at your fingertips.

  • Pre-configured reports
  • Build your own custom reports
  • Schedule reports to be sent out
  • Customise data exports
  • API exports
  • Power BI integration for greater reporting control

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©reach. All rights reserved.

Registered Office: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU
Registered in England and Wales  No 07108280
Website designed by Hotlobster Design Limited.