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    From job boards to onboarding our smart ATS system is there to help you feel a bit more human.

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An applicant tracking system that flexes to your business

Our intuitive applicant tracking system is customisable and feature rich. Individual portals provide seamless access for candidates, hiring managers and your HR team.

Features include:

  • Automatic job board posting

  • Central dashboard for oversight on all live vacancies

  • Group and view candidates by stage

  • Self-serve interview booking

  • Screening and shortlisting technology

  • Automated reference collection

  • Automate and streamline your onboarding process

  • Integration with third-party providers

  • Standard and custom reporting


Free your inbox,
find your candidate.

Hiring a new team member shouldn’t feel like hard work. Reach ATS can speed up your requisition process with custom workflows and an online portal for hiring managers. Meaning you can wave goodbye to scouring your inbox for that request to hire document.

  • Assign multiple approvers

  • Simple online ‘request to hire’ process with templated forms

  • Automated approval process

  • Job templates for faster advert creation


Take your job local,
or global

Know which job boards work best for you? Then add them to our flexible system and let Reach post your job ads for you.

Not sure which boards work best?

Reach tracks and records all your response data, meaning it’s easy to find out which job boards get you the best results.

Need a little more support?

Supercharge your recruitment with our unrivalled candidate attraction service – it really is a job board posting service like no other!
  • List on any job board UK, or worldwide

  • Automatic job posting

  • Collate data to inform recruitment strategy

Looking for advice on candidate attraction? We’d love to help. With over 20 years experience with job boards across the UK and worldwide, we’re happy to share our expertise.


Making short work
of shortlisting

Shortlist in seconds with our reviewing toolkit. Manage applications on a single-screen view and filter using customisable criteria.

  • Add disqualifier/killer questions to applications

  • Automate rejection emails

  • Send successful first-sift applications directly to a designated team member

  • Blind shortlisting for diversity and inclusivity

  • Notify hiring managers when there are applications to score

  • Automates next steps based on shortlisting decision

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Don’t let your logistics
let you down

Booking, managing, and organising candidate interviews is time-consuming. Let Reach’s applicant tracking system do the leg work, so you can focus on finding the right fit for your team.
  • Book and manage online and face-to-face interviews

  • Integrates with Teams and 365 for a smoother candidate experience

  • Candidates self-serve convenient interview slots

  • Interview scheduler with clash management for internal teams


Seal the deal

Don’t miss out on the perfect candidate with a sluggish contract process. Let Reach issue offers and contracts for you.

  • Automate your offer acceptance process

  • Issue contracts and chase respondents

  • Store and use pre-loaded documents and templates

  • Optional electronic signatures


From candidate
to co worker

Give candidates the warmest welcome with Reach. Our candidate portal supports a seamless transition from applicant to teammate.

  • Keep applicants fully engaged in the run up to their start date

  • Optimise and automate the onboarding process

  • Share standard documents/media

  • Finalise pre-employment checks

  • Organise payroll


Making it personal

No two companies are the same. No two Reach ATS systems are the same.

When you partner with us, we customise our ATS to suit your needs. You’re always in control. We’re just here to help.

  • Unlimited flexible recruitment workflows

  • Dedicated recruitment journeys for different candidates

  • Automated actions, tasks, and alerts where you need them

  • Self-service workflow tools

  • Brilliant support from our responsive and knowledgeable team

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We mix well
with others

Got your own HRIS? No problem. Our applicant tracking system likes to integrate with other systems (it’s pretty friendly) and will happily merge data with your existing HRIS.

  • Automatic transfer of new hire data

  • Intuitive data export

  • Plug’n’play integration with all leading HRIS


Crunching the data

Your recruitment process produces a huge amount of data. So why not make it work (harder) for you.

Use the data insights from your Reach ATS to inform your strategies, spot patterns or skills gaps, and predict trends.

  • Pre-configured and custom reports

  • Build your own custom reports

  • Schedule reports to be sent out

  • Customise data exports

  • API exports

  • Power BI integration for greater reporting control

Frequently asked questions
What is an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software tool that helps organisations streamline and manage their recruitment processes. It allows employers to track, organise, and automate various aspects of the hiring process, from posting job openings to screening and selecting candidates.

What are the main benefits of using an applicant tracking system?

Using an ATS offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved efficiency and time savings in managing job applications.
  • Enhanced candidate management and communication throughout the hiring process.
  • Centralised storage and organisation of candidate data and resumes.
  • Automated screening and filtering of resumes based on predefined criteria.
  • Increased collaboration and streamlined workflows for recruiters and hiring managers.
Are applicant tracking systems effective?

Yes, applicant tracking systems have proven to be effective in improving recruitment processes. They help reduce manual tasks, improve applicant tracking and communication, enhance candidate quality and selection, and ultimately lead to more efficient and successful hiring.

How many companies use applicant tracking systems?

Approximately 75% of large companies and 60% of small businesses use applicant tracking systems to manage their hiring processes. The adoption rates are steadily increasing as organisations recognise the value and benefits of using ATS solutions.

Are applicant tracking systems good for both small and large organisations?

Yes, applicant tracking systems are suitable for both small and large organisations. While large companies often have more complex hiring needs, small businesses can also benefit from the automation and organisation offered by an ATS. It helps them effectively manage the recruitment process, attract quality candidates, and make more informed hiring decisions.

Are there any drawbacks to using an applicant tracking system?

While applicant tracking systems provide numerous advantages, there can be a few potential drawbacks. Some common concerns include compatibility issues, and the need to ensure that the system is user-friendly for both recruiters and candidates. Reach ATS is renowned for its fantastic UI and great integration with existing HR systems.

What is the difference between an ATS and HRIS?

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is specifically designed to streamline the whole recruitment process, focusing on tasks such as job posting, CV management, and candidate tracking. On the other hand, an HRIS (Human Resources Information System) is a broader software solution that encompasses various HR functions, including employee data management, payroll, benefits administration, and performance management.

What is the difference between an ATS and a CRM?

While both ATS and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems involve managing relationships, they serve different purposes. An ATS focuses on managing the candidate pipeline, tracking applications, and facilitating the hiring process. A CRM system, on the other hand, is primarily used to manage customer relationships, including sales leads, customer interactions, and marketing activities.