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  • Getting you up and running

    Our knowledgeable team take time to understand your business’ unique needs. Then we build you an ATS that really takes off. Want to know how?

Off to a flying start

What optimises our amazing applicant tracking software for your company? Humans.

We have a whole brilliant team of them. They work with you to really understand your company’s needs. And they will make sure you squeeze every drop of potential from our system.

Your dedicated project manager will guide you through the entire scoping, training, and onboarding process.

And once you’re up and running, they’ll still be there. Whenever you need them. Our superb human team. And not a chatbot in sight.

When you sign up to our ATS you’ll get:

  • Unlimited access to the best customer support in the sector
  • A dedicated project manager
  • Scoping and discovery sessions so we can get to know your business needs
  • Face to face and online training for your team
  • Our unique onboarding platform to get you started
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