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  • No nasty surprises

    We pride ourselves on being open and honest when it comes to pricing.

  • No nasty surprises
    Hiring at scale is costly, so how does our pricing work?

    There’s no doubt about that. Reach ATS can help you make huge efficiencies with both time and money. We’re open and honest when it comes to pricing too, there’s no hidden costs or secret add-ons.

The Bottom Line

No one likes a nasty surprise when the invoice arrives.

At Reach we pride ourselves on being open and honest when it comes to pricing. With us, what you see is what you get, there’s never any hidden costs or add-ons.

Investing in an ATS is very cost effective. You’re paying for a tool that will streamline and automate your recruitment. Cutting down on admin time and freeing up your team to focus on finding the right people for your organisation.

Our ATS pricing is based on organisation size. There is a one-off set up fee which covers the scope, build, and implementation of the ATS, and you pay a fixed monthly fee thereafter.

We offer unlimited users, candidates, vacancies, and data. Letting you flex your system to accommodate your growing hiring needs without having to worry about your monthly invoice.

Also included in that monthly plan are system updates, upgrades, and customised training materials for your team.

And you’ll also get access to our knowledgeable and responsive customer support team, for life.

We’re confident that investing in Reach ATS will enhance your hiring process AND reduce your recruitment costs. And who doesn’t like looking at a healthy bottom line?

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Frequently asked questions
How is the ATS cost structured within Reach ATS?

Our ATS cost is structured to be transparent and flexible, catering to the diverse needs of businesses seeking efficient applicant tracking solutions. Our pricing model revolves around subscription-based plans tailored to accommodate varying company sizes and recruitment demands. This ensures that businesses only pay for the features and services they require, making Reach ATS a cost-effective choice for applicant tracking.

What are the key considerations when determining ATS pricing at Reach?

When determining ATS pricing at Reach, several factors come into play, including the number of users, customisation level, integrations with other tools, and the volume of job postings and candidate interactions. By understanding these variables, we can offer customised pricing packages that align with the specific requirements, ensuring optimal value for investment in applicant tracking software.

Can you provide an overview of the applicant tracking software pricing models available at Reach ATS?

At Reach ATS, we offer a range of applicant tracking software pricing models to suit different business needs. These models may include tiered subscriptions based on company size or enterprise-grade packages for organisations with high recruitment volumes. Our goal is to provide pricing flexibility that enables businesses of all sizes to access the right features at the right price point.

How does the ATS price at Reach ATS compare to industry standards?

The ATS price at Reach ATS is competitive within the industry, striking a balance between affordability and advanced functionality. We prioritise transparency in our pricing structure, ensuring that businesses understand the value they receive for their investment in applicant tracking. By offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, Reach ATS stands out as a trusted ATS provider in the recruiting software landscape.

How is the applicant tracking system pricing calculated at Reach ATS?

The applicant tracking system pricing at Reach ATS is calculated based on various factors, such as the chosen subscription plan, number of active job postings, user accounts, and any additional features required by the client. Our pricing methodology is straightforward and aims to empower businesses to optimise their recruitment costs while leveraging the full potential of our applicant tracking system.