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Onboarding Reimagined: How to unleash the strategic power of onboarding software with Reach ATS

You’ve sourced the perfect candidate for your vacancy, and they’ve accepted the role. Job done? Hardly.

As we all know, a huge amount of the recruitment process takes place after a job offer has been accepted. That’s when the onboarding process begins. 

Ensuring a seamless onboarding experience is about so much more than compliance. It’s about setting the tone for an employee’s entire journey with your company.  A good onboarding experience can help improve colleague retention rates and boost productivity, so it’s important to get it right. 

Today we’re looking at how onboarding software can elevate your onboarding process beyond formalities, focusing on impact, inclusion, and data-driven success.

Can onboarding software like Reach ATS improve employee retention rates? 

Employee retention isn’t just a ‘numbers game’. It’s all about user experience. Think of the process as a holistic journey. By fostering early engagement, sharing your company culture, and providing a smooth transition from candidate to colleague – their first day is just the next step, not a shock to the system. 

Using employee onboarding software enables you to ‘pre-board’ your new employee, introducing teammates, sharing welcome messages from the senior team, and of course, getting those compliance documents out of the way. 

As your new hire is already familiar with the ATS platform from their application process, the onboarding system is a great way to start their onboarding, and this regular communication can significantly contribute to increased retention rates. 

What features should onboarding software offer? 

Employee onboarding software should ease your load, not add to your to do list. Reach ATS is a feature-rich onboarding tool. With it you can send emails and SMS, share and sign documents, automate your pre-employment verification checks and share calendar invitations for introductory meetings and orientation events. 

Onboarding solutions need to fit with your strategic HR goals, which means the ATS needs to be customisable, flex to your needs, work with your existing HR systems and be simple to use. Reach ATS offers all of this and more, with a fully branded candidate management system, and compatibility driven software that integrates with all HRIS systems. 

How can an onboarding system help create a welcome and inclusive environment? 

When hiring at scale, it’s hard to maintain that personal touch. With a Reach ATS inclusivity isn’t an afterthought, it’s part of the onboarding philosophy.  

Tailor scheduled communications with new hires to recognise their diverse needs. Include cultural onboarding and inclusive training modules too. Employee onboarding software can help you can provide an equitable and comprehensive welcome process, where everyone feels seen and valued. 

What about data privacy and security during onboarding? 

Data security is non-negotiable. Reach ATS onboarding software has been designed with privacy as a top priority.  We offer robust encryption, secure data storage and strict compliance with privacy regulations. Handling sensitive information with utmost care, Reach ATS protects both your company and your candidates. 

Let’s talk money. Will onboarding HR software help with the bottom line? 

Of course, any new ATS is an investment. But when you choose Reach ATS, you’ll get customisable software that flexes and grows with your company’s needs and works alongside your existing systems. 

Using recruitment onboarding software can help boost the productivity of new hires. Virtual onboarding allows them to be fully integrated prior to their start date.  It also minimises administration time and increases overall HR productivity. 

But remember, Reach ATS is so much more than just an onboarding tool, it’s a way of strategically allocating resource for maximum impact. It might be an investment, but it’s a strategic recruitment powerhouse, that will save you time and money. 

How can an ATS onboarding solution help me with remote workers? 

What was once a rarity is now a reality. Huge swathes of our workforce now work remotely.  Using a Reach ATS for your onboarding allows you to offer a fully virtual onboarding process. 

From electronic document submissions and e-signatures to collaborative virtual onboarding meetings, the platform’s digital collaboration tools let you offer your new hires a great quality, effective orientation – whether they’re just around the corner or two time zones away! 

We truly believe that Reach ATS is the best onboarding software in the UK. It offers a comprehensive onboarding solution that you can tailor to fit your desired employee experience. 

When you use a Reach ATS, you’re optimising your orientation, making it a strategic tool that improves employee retention rates, not just a compliance exercise. Ready to take your onboarding to the next level? Reach out today.