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Finding Your Flow – How Reach ATS can Improve HR Workflow

How to build workable talent pools and streamline your hiring workflow with Reach ATS.  

In a continuously evolving recruitment landscape, improving your hiring practices isn’t always about the big sweeping revolutionary changes. Sometimes the most impactful improvements come from small, incremental adjustments. 

Today we’re looking at ATS workflows and the tangible day-to-day advantages that work in progress tracking software, such as Reach ATS, delivers. Solid, reliable solutions that your team can use to address the challenges and sticking points they encounter in the hiring process. 

Sometimes it’s just about finding your flow. Let’s dive in! 

How Can Reach ATS Improve HR Workflow?

You know what works best for your business; so, when you implement the Reach ATS, we create a system that’s bespoke to you. 

By integrating your workflows with our applicant tracking system workflow software, we automate and streamline the more time-consuming parts of your recruitment process. 

All active recruitment is monitored from our central dashboard*- you can see at-a-glance the status of all live vacancies, track job requisitions, check hiring data, and view outstanding tasks. 

With portals for hiring managers and candidates, the fully integrated system boosts collaboration and efficiency not just within the HR Department, but across all aspects of your hiring process. 

Hiring managers and recruiters collaborate in real-time using features like shared notes, status tracking, and notification alerts, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

How Does an Efficient ATS Workflow Contribute to Improved Hiring Outcomes?

Reach ATS streamlines the hiring process from job posting to onboarding. It ensures nothing falls through the cracks of your workflow recruitment process, by automating routine tasks, sending reminders, and maintaining consistent communication with candidates and colleagues. Leading to less errors, faster hiring, and ultimately, better hiring outcomes.

How Does Reach ATS Save Time and Reduce Errors?

Reach ATS automation capabilities encompass most aspects of the hiring process. It automatically posts job listings to multiple platforms, can do a handy first sift of applications and CVs (see our blog post on this here) and allows self-selection of convenient interview slots.  

Not only that, but it can also send follow-up emails reminding candidates (and colleagues) to complete documentation.  The onboarding ATS software can generate induction and orientation documents too. When you use the Reach ATS, you’re not only saving time, but also significantly reducing the risk of human error – we’ve all been there!

How Can Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Workflows Help to Reduce Time-to-Hire?

ATS recruitment workflow software is designed to expedite the hiring process. By automating candidate sourcing, screening, and communication, Reach ATS significantly reduces time-to-hire, ensuring that vacancies are filled promptly, and your organisation maintains its competitive edge. 

This speedy and professional communication isn’t just about getting the job done fast (although of course, that’s always helpful). It’s also about treating potential and future employees with respect and care; protecting your company’s reputation and improving the candidate journey.

No one likes to be left hanging, waiting on a response to a job application. The Reach ATS system ensures every single application is acknowledged and logged. 

How Does Reach ATS’s Workflow Automation Impact the Candidate Experience?

Bad recruitment experiences can leave a real dent in an employer’s reputation – as the saying goes “you never get a second chance to make a great first impression”. 

A positive candidate experience is vital for your employer brand. Reach ATS workflow automation ensures candidates receive timely updates and personalised communication throughout their application process.  

By allowing candidates to easily track their progress and interact with your organisation, Reach ATS eliminates the possibility of any candidate being overlooked or ‘lost in the system’ – growing your reputation as a professional and equitable employer. 

How can Reach ATS Enhance the Process of Building a Workable Talent Pool?

Building a workable talent pool is a crucial aspect of successful recruitment, saving you time and money. 

Reach ATS lets you to create and nurture your own talent pool efficiently. By automating candidate data collection, segmentation, and engagement, Reach ATS ensures you have a pool of qualified candidates to had when you have an opening. 

This proactive, automated approach reduces time-to-hire and minimises talent shortages. All the data you need is right there, ready and waiting for you. 

Can Reach ATS Adapt to Changes in Hiring Needs and Scale with Business Growth?

Reach ATS is flexible and scalable. It can adapt to changing hiring needs and grow with your business. Whether you’re a small start-up or an established corporation, Reach ATS workflows are tailored to your unique requirements and designed to grow with you.

Sometimes it’s the small, practical changes that yield the most significant results. Automate your workflows with a bespoke Reach ATS and empower your department one practical step at a time. 

Ready to find your flow? Get in touch 

Some call it a dashboard, some call it the nerve centre, mission control, the operations hub, some even call it Hiring HQ – whatever you choose to call it, it’s the key to smooth management of all your workflows. Contact us here to find your flow today.