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The warmest welcome

Make the transition from applicant to employee a smooth one with Reach ATS. Our smart ATS facilitates onboarding tools too – streamlining and expediting the hiring process.

Our dedicated candidate onboarding portal automates the entire transition process from applicant to employee. It simplifies the distribution of onboarding materials and captures all required onboarding information in one central location, increasing internal ownership and engagement with the entire onboarding process.

Regular scheduled communications keep your applicant engaged with the process and feeling like they’re part of the team before they’re even on the payroll. And with all actions and events recorded on the candidate’s record card, auditing and reporting is effortless.

Our intuitive onboarding system eliminates costly and ineffective onboarding processes. It includes:

  • A fully customisable offer approval process
  • Employment contract document checks, including sign-off before release to candidate (if required)
  • Electronic signatures/DocuSign
  • A dedicated reference module – enabling you to view referees, chase reference requests etc.
  • Integration with third party suppliers (including right to work and pre-employment checks)
  • Capture of all required onboarding details e.g., medical records, bank details, student loan schemes etc.
  • Onscreen onboarding progress reviews for your HR team at a glance
  • Seamless integration for exporting candidate data straight to HR/payroll system
  • Offer letters, contracts and documents merged to perfection
  • Timely emails to internal staff on progress e.g. Line Manager, IT team (to setup equipment), procurement (to order uniforms)

A candidate journey should be one that feels simple and engaging, one that provides a snapshot of what it will feel like to be a part of your business.

Reach’s employee onboarding software provides real time management information and reporting on demand, giving you and your team complete oversight of the recruitment onboarding process. All that’s left for you to do is provide the warm welcome.

Next steps

Employee onboarding is just one of the major features of Reach ATS, to discover all it has to offer, get the full overview of our Applicant Tracking System here.

Streamlining and expediting the hiring process.
Frequently asked questions
What is employee onboarding software and how does it streamline the onboarding process?

Employee onboarding software automates and simplifies the transition from applicant to employee. It centralises all onboarding activities, ensuring that new hires receive and complete necessary documentation, training, and introductions in an organised manner. This software reduces manual workload for HR, enhances compliance with regulatory requirements, and provides new employees with a structured, engaging start to their career. 

How does Reach ATS’s onboarding HR software help reduce onboarding costs and inefficiencies?

Reach ATS’s onboarding HR software automates key processes like employment contract checks, electronic signatures, and reference requests, which eliminates redundant steps. Integration with third-party systems for right-to-work and pre-employment checks further streamlines operations. By centralising data and providing real-time updates, the software reduces errors and delays, cutting costs and improving overall efficiency. 

What is required for automated onboarding software to be effective?

Effective automated onboarding software requires robust integration capabilities with existing HR and payroll systems, secure data handling for sensitive information, and a user-friendly interface. It should support customisable workflows to fit organisational needs, offer comprehensive tracking and reporting features, and provide regular updates and notifications to both HR and new hires to keep the process on track. 

How do Reach ATS’s onboarding solutions enhance the overall candidate experience?

Reach ATS’s onboarding solutions ensure a positive candidate experience by maintaining regular, scheduled communications that make new hires feel welcomed and informed. The software’s intuitive portal allows candidates to complete necessary steps at their own pace while keeping them engaged with progress updates and reminders. By providing a seamless, transparent onboarding process, it mirrors the company’s culture and values, fostering early engagement and satisfaction. 

What are the benefits of using onboarding software for remote employees?

Onboarding software for remote employees provides a centralised platform for all onboarding activities, accessible from anywhere. It facilitates electronic document signing, remote completion of forms, and virtual introductions to team members. Regular updates and communications keep remote hires engaged and informed, reducing feelings of isolation. Additionally, the software ensures compliance and accurate record-keeping, regardless of the employee’s location. 

How customisable is the onboarding process in Reach ATS’s software?

Reach ATS’s onboarding software is highly customisable, allowing HR teams to tailor the process to fit their specific needs. Users can modify offer approval workflows, document requirements, and communication schedules. The software also supports the creation of role-specific onboarding tracks, ensuring that each new hire receives the relevant information and training for their position. 

How does onboarding software integrate with existing HR and payroll systems?

Onboarding software seamlessly integrates with various HR and payroll systems, facilitating the automatic transfer of candidate data once onboarding is complete. This integration minimises manual data entry, reduces errors, and ensures that all employee information is up-to-date across systems. The setup process typically involves configuring API connections and mapping data fields to ensure smooth data flow. 

What metrics and KPIs can be tracked using onboarding software?

Onboarding software provides detailed tracking of metrics such as time-to-complete onboarding, completion rates of required documents, and engagement levels of new hires. HR teams can also monitor compliance with regulatory requirements and measure the effectiveness of different onboarding stages. These insights help organisations identify areas for improvement and optimise their onboarding processes. 

Why use onboarding software over traditional onboarding methods?

Onboarding software offers numerous advantages over traditional methods, including increased efficiency, reduced paperwork, and enhanced compliance. Automated processes save time for HR teams and provide a consistent experience for all new hires. The software’s centralised platform ensures that all onboarding activities are tracked and documented, making it easier to audit and report on the process. Additionally, it improves the overall candidate experience by providing clear, structured steps and regular communication. 

How can onboarding software improve the transition for new hires in various departments and roles?

Onboarding software can create tailored onboarding programs for different departments and roles, ensuring that each new hire receives relevant training and information. For instance, it can include specific documents and checklists for IT staff, unique compliance training for finance employees, and role-specific introductions for customer service teams. This customisation ensures that new hires are well-prepared and integrated into their respective teams, enhancing their productivity and engagement from day one.