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Advanced Vacancy Requisition Software

Welcome to a smarter way of managing your job requisitions. Our advanced system effortlessly integrates with your unique business processes, offering unprecedented efficiency and clarity.

Approval Chains: Tailored to Your Business

Match your existing approval lines with ease. Whether you’re approving roles by department, role type, or specific approvers, our system moulds to fit your organisational structure seamlessly.

Customisable Forms:
Total Control in Your Hands

Dynamic Forms: Employ your standard approval forms, complete with real-time updates, and conditional questions that adjust based on user input.

Flexible Components: Whether it’s job description pickers, advertisement text pickers, or any regular form fields, you have full control.

Templates: Regularly hiring for certain roles? Create templates for frequently requested positions, streamlining the hiring requisition process even further.

For Hiring Managers:
Convenience Meets Efficiency

  • Intuitive Forms: No more complexities; a simple form tailors the approval route to the relevant approver based on your inputs.

  • Save & Reuse: Pause and save forms for later, replicate from previous requests, or instantly populate using templates.

  • Stay Updated: Receive email notifications at every step. Easily view past submissions by their status and modify forms upon request.

HR Management:
A Comprehensive Toolkit

  • Manage with Precision: Oversee approvers, chains, and monitor real-time status updates.

  • Flexibility at its Best: Modify approval routes, re-position roles, override decisions, or even revoke them.

  • Stay Informed: All correspondence is automatically recorded. Plus, be instantly alerted once final approval is given.

  • Complete Oversight: With full audit trails and reporting, keep a close eye on every detail.

Clarity & Simplicity in Every Step

  • Instant Notifications: Whether on email or phone, get immediate alerts for review tasks.

  • Feedback Loop: Approve, decline, comment, or request amendments with just a few clicks.

  • Full History Access: Track all your past approval requests for a comprehensive understanding.

Key Benefits: 

  • Speed: Complete requisitions quickly and effectively.

  • Convenience: Access anywhere, anytime.

  • Automation: Eliminate manual processes and reduce errors.

  • Transparency: Full audit trails ensure you’re always in the loop.

Frequently asked questions
What is job requisition?

A job requisition is a formal request to fill a vacant position, detailing the role’s requirements, qualifications, and budgetary approval. It marks the beginning of the hiring process, pending approval from management or HR, ensuring that recruitment aligns with organisational needs and budget constraints.

What is a job requisition number?

A job requisition number is a unique ID assigned to each job opening, streamlining the recruitment process by aiding in application tracking, communication, and organisation. It ensures clarity and efficiency in managing and referring to specific job vacancies within the company.

What is an evergreen job requisition?

An evergreen job requisition continuously accepts applications for positions that regularly need to be filled, such as roles with high turnover or ongoing demand. This approach helps maintain a ready pool of candidates, enabling quicker hiring as soon as vacancies arise, optimising recruitment efficiency.

How does a job requisition differ from a job description?

A job requisition is an internal document requesting to fill a vacancy, including approval details and budget considerations, initiating the hiring process. In contrast, a job description is a public-facing outline of the role, detailing responsibilities, skills, and qualifications, aimed at attracting suitable candidates.

What impact does an effective job requisition process have on overall recruitment quality?

An effective job requisition process enhances recruitment quality by clearly defining role requirements and expectations upfront. It streamlines hiring, reduces time-to-fill, and improves candidate experience. Properly managed, it leads to informed hiring decisions, ensuring candidates meet organisational needs and contribute to long-term success.

How does Reach ATS handle changes to requisition forms after submission but before approval?

If the vacancy approval wants the requester to amend or expand on certain points raised in their requisition form, they can action an amendment request. This process enables the approver to ask questions or provide feedback about the submitted form. The requester can then update the form based on this input and resubmit it for further review. Each action taken during this process is documented in the request’s audit trail, accessible to everyone involved including HR. Notifications of these updates are sent both via email and through the Reach ATS Hiring Manager app, if this is being used.

How does Reach ATS’s job requisition software integrate with external job boards and social media platforms for posting approved job openings?

Once a job requisition is approved, it can be automatically distributed to multiple job boards and social media channels through the platform’s integration capabilities. This process is managed by HR via the Vacancy Management platform, which allows users to select where and when job postings are shared.

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