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Fast track to fantastic candidates

When it comes to measuring your success in recruiting new hires, your average ‘time to hire’ is likely to be one of your key metrics. If your time to hire is longer than you’d like it to be, Reach ATS could help you to streamline the process and get quality candidates on board more quickly.

The length of time that passes between a candidate applying for a job and their first day in the new role depends on a variety of factors, with the number of applications you receive, the number of interviews candidates must attend and the seniority of the role being just a few. In LinkedIn’s 2017 Global Recruiting Trends survey, 67% of respondents said that on average, they take over a month to recruit a new hire – which many HR managers would agree is far too long.

Many candidates may also agree that the hiring process can often be too lengthy, and unfortunately, this can lead businesses to lose out on their ideal recruit. If a candidate has multiple positions to choose between, they may accept an offer from one of your competitors if they are left waiting too long to hear from you.

Fast-track to talent

When you’re seeking to recruit top talent, then, you need to ensure that your recruitment process is as efficient as possible. That’s where an applicant tracking system, like Reach ATS, can enable you to streamline the entire process. Here are a few ways in which our ATS software can save you time, and hassle.

Advertise your vacancy

We know that for many HR departments, the hard work starts before a vacancy is even advertised. When hiring managers are busy focusing on their to-do list, assessing the need for a new team member and putting together a list of requirements can be a time-consuming task.

Our ATS makes it as smooth as possible by providing hiring managers with an online vacancy request form, which is then automatically sent to the relevant managers for approval. Once the vacancy has been approved, your HR team use Reach to activate the job advert on your website, social media, aggregators like Indeed and across your preferred job boards – all in a single press of a button.

Identify suitable candidates

Reach ATS screens the applications you receive, automatically filtering out any applications that do not meet the parameters you set for the role. So you no longer have to sift through unsuitable applicants – you’ll only see applications from candidates that have real potential in the role you’re recruiting for.

Provide a positive candidate experience

Typically, the recruitment process will be the first experience job seekers have with your organisation – so you want it to be a positive one. But when you’re recruiting for multiple positions at any one time, it can be difficult to ensure every candidate is getting a good impression of your business.

Reach ATS provides every candidate with their own unique candidate portal, which has been designed to make the recruitment process as convenient and as smooth as possible for them. Whether candidates are on a PC, laptop, tablet or phone, they’ll be able to apply for any vacancy, and if they’re invited to an interview, they can select a time that works for them. All new starter paperwork is completed online and you can even rollout the entire onboarding process via the portal if you prefer.

At every key milestone Reach sends automated branded emails and SMS text messages with your preferred messages, making sure that your communications are professional and right on time. This way, you can provide optimum candidate engagement with minimal hassle for your HR team. 

Are you missing out on top talent due to an overly-lengthy recruitment process? Reach ATS can help you to handle the process from start to finish – talk to one of our team about how our ATS and candidate management system could streamline your recruitment today.