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Recruitment Workflows

Discover a streamlined and intelligent approach to recruitment with our hiring workflow features, guiding candidates from their first application touchpoint to their official inclusion in your workforce.

Understanding the Recruitment Workflow

The recruitment workflow is a systematic journey mapping a candidate’s progress from the initial application phase to becoming a valuable member on your company’s payroll.
This encompasses stages such as shortlisting, interviewing, offering roles, pre-employment assessments, onboarding, and eventually integrating their data into your core HR & payroll systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Diverse Workflow Types:
    Tailor processes to suit various candidate sources – be it external, internal, agency submissions, recruiter scanned, apprentices & graduates, and more, including special categories like redeployments and rejoiners.

  • Seamless Integration:
    Effortlessly snap any candidate source to the relevant workflow type, automating their recruitment journey.

  • Dynamic Forms for Every Stage:
    Integrate forms to be completed by various stakeholders – Hiring Managers, Administrators, Directors, IT professionals, Health Specialists, or even the Candidates themselves.

  • Smart Candidate Navigation:
    Instantly direct candidates to the relevant stage in the process based on responses to key questions added by the Hiring Manager or Administrator
  • Automated Communication:
    • Dispatch emails automatically upon entry to each stage.
    • Send targeted emails based on candidate responses, including regret mails or application withdrawal confirmations.
    • Schedule time-based emails, such as reminders a day before a candidate’s start date or follow-ups for pending tasks, like pending references.

    • Special Stage Functionalities: Certain stages come with added functionalities, allowing for tasks such as automating Teams meeting setups, or marking a candidate’s record for export to your payroll system.
  • Flexible Stage Completions:
    Stages auto complete when required tasks, like form submissions or email dispatches, are done. Alternatively, Hiring Managers or Administrators can manually progress candidates through stages when they are ready.

  • Comprehensive HR Tools:
    • Create and manage unlimited workflows and workflow types.
    • Access your workflow library to preview hiring workflows.
    • Edit and adapt workflows in real-time.
    • Duplicate existing flows for consistent processes.

Why Our Recruitment Workflow Feature Stands Out

  • Customised Recruitment: Tailor the recruitment process to align perfectly with your organisation’s unique needs and sources.

  • Efficient Management: With automated processes and alerts, ensure timely actions and reduce manual interventions.
  • Unified Approach: From initial application to integration into payroll, ensure a seamless and consistent candidate experience.
Empower your recruitment process with intelligence, efficiency, and adaptability.
Experience the future of recruitment workflows and book your Reach ATS demo now.