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  • Integrated Interviewing Platform

    Elevate your recruitment process with our state-of-the-art interviewing platform, designed for simplicity, flexibility, and unmatched efficiency.

Craft Your Unique Interview Process

Our system is as diverse as your needs.

Whether it’s a straightforward one-on-one, multiple interview rounds, or specialised sessions like virtual interviews, telephone discussions, or assessment centre day events, the Reach interview scheduling platform is equipped to manage them all.

Features & Benefits

Centralised Oversight for HR

Visualise every interview across your entire organisation. Use filters to focus on specific hiring managers, departments, or other business units. Schedule, track, and even provide feedback on behalf of managers if needed.

Tailored Interviewing

Different roles demand different processes. From standard interviews to specific tasks like candidate presentations, define the entire process. Share detailed requirements like presentation topic, format, and duration well in advance.

Automated Reminders

Send timely interview reminders to candidates via text or email. Prompt interviewers for feedback after the session automatically, ensuring a streamlined communication process.

Flexible Scheduling

Either pinpoint an interview time for a candidate or offer a range of slots and let them choose the most convenient one.

Hiring Manager Portal

Hiring managers get a dedicated interview platform showcasing upcoming interviews, slots available for candidates, completed interviews, and feedback pending. Access candidate CVs and forms, record feedback, and receive prompt notifications for every interview activity.

Sync with Popular Calendars

Directly integrate with Outlook, Apple iCloud Calendar, Google Calendar, and more. Managers maintain complete control, managing interview schedule changes or cancellations directly from the platform.

Interviewer Preferences

Interviewers can state their availability either vacancy-specific or across multiple roles they’re hiring for.

Branded Candidate Experience

Candidates receive a fully branded email invitation. They can log in to view available slots, choose their preferred interview time from the selection, and access comprehensive interview details, including directions.

MS Teams Integration

Seamlessly integrate with MS Teams, allowing direct insertion of candidate interview bookings into the interviewer’s calendar. Both candidates and interviewers receive confirmation emails with the Teams Meeting link.

Why Choose Our Interviewing Platform?

Seamless Experience

Ensure both candidates and interviewers have a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Enhanced Efficiency

From scheduling to feedback collection, automate every step of your interviewing process.

Tailored Processes

Adjust the platform to match your organisation’s unique interviewing preferences and requirements.

Unified Management

From HR to hiring managers, ensure everyone is in sync and informed.

Dive into a modern, efficient, and tailored interviewing experience with and book your Reach ATS demo.