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Making Job Requisitions Work For You

How an applicant tracking system can help you implement strategies for seamless approvals and a streamlined hiring process. 

In the ever-evolving world of talent acquisition, job requisitions are the catalyst for your entire recruitment process.  Often regarded as mundane, request to hire forms are the first step of the journey to finding and hiring top talent, but unlocking their potential isn’t always straightforward. 

Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of employee requisitions and find out how Reach ATS can give you the seamless approval process you’ve dreamt of. 

Why structure matters (when it comes to job requisition) 

Why should you care about having a structured and well-defined job requisition process? Because it helps decrease your time-to-hire, because it saves everyone involved time and because, without doubt, it makes life easier. And who doesn’t want an easy life? 

So many companies are still operating an email or paper-based sign off process for job requisition, or using outdated software and systems that cannot flex to their modern recruitment needs. This can be a cause of huge frustration. Sometimes it’s the HR team that get left out of the loop at the point of requisition, sometimes the form gets stuck with a hiring manager who either doesn’t realise, (or doesn’t mind) that they’re the bottleneck as they’re busy with other aspects of their own role. Either way, ambiguous and unclear process or outdated software and structures can lead to delays and missed opportunities. 

A well-defined structure means everyone knows their role and responsibility in the process. By ensuring every hire aligns with your company’s strategic goals and team dynamics, you can prevent hiring misfires that might cost your organisation dearly. How do you get that solid structure and process? Well, that’s where a good ATS comes in! 

How can an ATS support the job requisition approval process? 

When you purchase Reach ATS we map your employee requisition process to our software. From your central HR dashboard, you’ll be able to see all live vacancies, all requests to hire, all approvals and all hires. 

Hiring managers login to the ATS via a bespoke Hiring Manager Portal, which contains all the requisition information they will need. They can request a new vacancy, copy a previous job requisition form for an identical post, view multiple requisition and job description templates, and access guideline documents and pro forma for regular vacancies. 

Push notifications alert managers when a job is awaiting approval, and let your team know when a job is ready to be advertised. You can even set up automated approvals for regular vacancies and Reach ATS will post jobs direct to the UKs top job boards for you. 

With all requisition documents in one place, you’ll have consistency and efficiency from the moment you start using our system. Not only that, but you’ll also have accurate and up to date metrics at your fingertips such as: 

  • Average time to hire
  • No. of requisitions posted in a set time period
  • No. of jobs approved and rejected. 

All this data gives you absolute process transparency. You can spot bottlenecks and snag points and continuously streamline your job requisition process. For example, by noting which requisitions take longer to process and fill and building this into time plans accordingly. 

Owning your piece of the job requisition puzzle

With HR professionals, hiring managers, and department heads all having their own piece of the puzzle, open communication and a well-defined approval process is essential. An ATS gives a clear unbiased overview of the entire process, enabling you to highlight issues and counter regular bottlenecks. 

Job requisitions aren’t just pieces of paper to be shuffled around. In fact, when it comes to request to hire, here at Reach we know paperless is best! A well-structured, efficient, automated approval process can revolutionise not just your requisition and approval procedures, but your entire recruitment process. 

Reach for organisational success 

We know that you’re not just ‘filling seats’ when it comes to recruitment. You want to strategically position your company for success. With the help of Reach ATS, job requisition can become a meaningful part of the hiring process, not just improving internal collaboration and efficiency, but helping you achieve your organisational goals. 

Reach out today and find out how our end-to-end ATS recruitment software solution can make a difference to your job requisition approval process.