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Revolutionising Retail Recruitment: How Reach ATS can transform job requisition

High turnover rates, surging seasonal demands and the constant evolution of e-commerce make retail a volatile and dynamic industry that requires agility and efficiency to navigate. This is especially true when it comes to retail recruitment. 

Everything moves fast in retail, but the industry’s preoccupation with time to hire metrics can feel counterproductive when you’re trying to attract, and retain, a diverse workforce. 

Speeding up time to hire has traditionally meant compromising on the screening process, with the resulting bad fitting hires impacting your retention rates. It might feel like you just can’t win – but don’t give up just yet! We have the perfect solution. 

A good quality Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can streamline your entire recruitment process, resulting in timely hires that don’t compromise on quality. 

Read on to find out how Reach ATS can enhance your recruitment, from job requisition to onboarding.

How can Reach improve the hiring process better for the retail industry?

Reach ATS simplifies and speeds up the recruitment process by letting HR managers create and manage job requisitions efficiently. Our dedicated Hiring Manager Portal allows you to work more closely with hiring managers, increasing collaboration and speeding up recruitment. Using this portal your hiring managers can: 

  • Automate requisition approval process
  • Review applications and shortlist candidates
  • View all their outstanding tasks

By automating key tasks, our ATS removes administrative bottlenecks, making your hiring workflows run smoothly. This enables you to respond faster to staffing needs, keeping up with the ebb and flow seasonal demands. 

How can the Reach ATS job requisition process lead to better hiring outcomes in retail?

Reach helps you reduce your time to hire without compromising on quality. Our efficient job requisition platform is built to your company’s particular specifications and needs, streamlining workflows and increasing clear communication and collaboration across the recruiting teams. Helping you find better candidate matches and higher quality hires. 

It does this by: 

  • Automating and streamlining all hiring workflows
  • Performing the ‘first sift’ of candidates to avoid unconscious bias
  • Building a flexible hiring requisition and application process
  • Creating an engaging candidate journey
  • Enabling data-driven decision making with general and custom reporting
  • Facilitating online interviews, pre-employment checks and onboarding. 

How does Reach ATS automate job requisition tasks and reminders, saving time and reducing errors in retail recruitment?

Reach automates the many manual tasks associated with job requisitions. From approval workflows and candidate communications to interview scheduling and onboarding. 

This automation not only frees up your team from the mountain of admin associated with recruitment, but also reduces the risk of errors like missing approvals or delays in posting jobs. It prioritises people over process by streamlining tasks and workflows, and freeing up the recruiting team to focus on attracting a diverse workforce. 

How does Reach ATS’s job requisition automation impact the candidate experience in the retail industry?

While the word automation doesn’t exactly sound personal, Reach ATS uses it to create a really positive candidate experience for retail recruitment. This is crucial in today’s competitive job market. 

With candidate demand at an all-time high and other industries poaching skilled workers, it’s important to provide a swift and personalised experience. But when you’re hiring at scale, this can feel overwhelmingly time consuming. 

Reach solves the issue by automating key tasks, allowing you to schedule regular communications for candidates. These updates keep them informed of their progress, reducing frustration and drop-off rates. 

Reach also facilitates application via social media accounts, sends reminders to complete applications and offers self-serve interview slots – putting your candidate in control of their part of the hiring process. 

Add in contract signing, onboarding and training through our very own candidate portal and recruitment starts to feel (almost) effortless. An inviting candidate experience reflects well on your company. Our personalised automation helps you attract top talent and frees up your team to focus on other aspects of the recruitment process.  We call it applicant tracking with the human touch.  

Can Reach ATS’s job requisition feature adapt to changes in hiring needs and scale with retail business growth?

The beauty of Reach ATS is that it’s designed to grow with your business. Each Reach system is built to fit your recruitment process and will flex and adapt with your growing or seasonal requirements. Whether you’re taking on a slew of temporary Christmas elves, or hiring a handful of fulfilment managers, Reach will adapt to your needs. 

Amend application forms, change up ad templates or run pre-employment checks with ease from our central dashboard. And if there’s something you aren’t sure about, our friendly and knowledgeable team are available by phone or email. And you’ll always speak to a team member, not a chat bot. Because as those in retail know only too well, nothing beats talking to a real person when it comes to customer service.

How does the Reach ATS job requisition feature facilitate collaboration among the recruiting team in retail?

Collaboration across your recruiting team is crucial when it comes to hiring for retail. Better coordination between the recruiting team and hiring managers will speed up slow response times and positively impact your time to hire.

Reach ATS has HR and Hiring Manager portals which enable both teams to see at a glance their outstanding tasks, and the progress of their live vacancies (or all vacancies for the HR team). 

With a central repository for all hiring documents from job descriptions to ad templates, interview questions to scoring sheets, there’s no more emailing back and forth. Everyone involved can view and shortlist from the portal, feedback on interviews direct to candidates and even sign and send contracts.  We make cross business collaboration a breeze! 

How can job requisition with Reach ATS help managing high-volume recruitment in retail?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when recruiting at scale. The administrative burden alone can be all consuming. Reach ATS facilitates high-volume recruitment (whether that’s a constant or seasonal demand) by automating your key administrative workflows. Letting you handle multiple employee requisitions simultaneously without sacrificing quality or efficiency, to maintain a consistent and effective recruitment process.

Our central HR dashboard allows you to monitor all live vacancies at a glance, empowering your Hiring Managers and freeing up your team to focus on people, not process. 

  • Automate permissions for job requisitions
  • Hiring Managers can send jobs direct to job boards
  • Central database holds job descriptions and document templates for ease of use
  • Dashboard enables you to view the progress of all live vacancies 
  • Make data-based strategic decisions with real-time reporting


Reach ATS is retail recruitment reimagined. By streamlining and automating the job requisition process, it can address the unique challenges of the retail industry, ensuring efficient, timely, and high-quality hires. 

With an amazing customer success team, unrivalled candidate attraction expertise and of course, our simple but smart software, Reach ATS really is an essential tool for optimising your recruitment. 

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