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How ATS Software Can Revamp Your Recruitment Process

Want to streamline your hiring process and take your recruitment to the next level?  An applicant tracking system (ATS) can do that and so much more…

As any large or growing organisation knows, hiring at scale costs, not just financially but also in time and resource. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are here to change that. Applicant tracking software is now accessible for companies of all sizes and they have rapidly become an integral part of the modern recruitment process. So, would your organisation’s recruitment process benefit from an ATS?  Here’s a quick look at the key benefits:

A more efficient recruitment process.

In the simplest terms, an ATS automates the manual process of recruitment, cutting down your time (and cost) to hire. 

From posting ads on job boards, to sifting and ranking applications, an ATS streamlines the parts of the hiring process that drain your HR team’s time. It can absorb the most time-consuming hiring tasks, such as reminding candidates to complete applications, or enabling them to self-select interview slots (no more telephone tennis!) And it does all this quickly and effectively. 

What can an ATS do to improve your candidate experience?

With the ability to log in via social accounts or email, a flexible ATS will allow your candidates to fill in applications over multiple visits and keep them apprised of their progress right through to contract signing and onboarding.  Automated responses and reminders, let your candidate feel fully engaged with the process.

Your fully branded candidate portal will feel just like part of your own company website, and a slick and efficient candidate experience makes your company even more appealing.  

And for those not successful or wishing to send in a speculative application, a good ATS will also store candidate details in a talent bank, saving your organisation more time and money in the future.

Seamless integration with partners and systems. 

How easy is it to integrate an ATS into an existing recruitment process? A well-designed applicant tracking system like Reach, will offer full integration with all your systems and partners.  This means psychometric testing, right-to-work and DBS checks are easily incorporated into ATS workflows. It will also integrate with all HRIS systems too. 

You can also extract information from the ATS, meaning analytics on applications, metrics on diversity and equality… all the data you could possibly want is available at your fingertips. 

Can an ATS improve teamwork?

Seamless, fluid, collaborative working. It sounds like a dream, but with Reach ATS it’s the norm.  With our candidate, HR and Hiring Manager portals, documents and templates are all shared online, approvals can be automated, job boards pre-selected. 

In real terms this means no one is left waiting for anyone else.  Everyone knows what their role is and reminders are issued automatically when key parts of the process require action. An automated ATS recruitment process makes communication between teams easy. 

Intentional Design. 

When you purchase an ATS you need to know it’s fit for purpose. Our bespoke system is designed for your company. We take our time to get to know your recruitment process and build a system that works for you, one that is scalable and flexible enough to cater for your organisation’s growing needs. 

We don’t offer an ‘off the shelf’ option, because we know your approach to hiring is personal, and your ATS needs to be too. 

Clients or partners?

We prefer partners. We don’t believe in selling you an ATS and then walking away. When you purchase an ATS you need to know that it will flex and grow with your company’s needs. You also need to know that if you need help, it’s there. 

All our expertise in software and recruitment is there for you to use, we come as part of the deal! We will help you build a system that works for you, and then we will be there with you every step of the way. Training, troubleshooting, and offering expert advice. Known for our amazing customer service, we really are people-focused, just like you. 

Think you might benefit from a Reach ATS? Get in touch today, we’d love to show you how our system can streamline your recruitment process. Explore a full overview of our ATS features, or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.