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Increasing Efficiency in IT Recruitment: Leveraging ATS Software

IT recruitment is highly competitive. There’s huge demand for specialised skills, particularly in areas such as software development and cybersecurity. 

With IT jobs available across multiple industry sectors, attracting and retaining skilled talent has led to intense competition among employers, all of which are trying to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

The importance of an efficient and streamlined recruitment process to IT professionals has never been clearer. There’s huge emphasis on sourcing the right candidates and providing them with an engaging and fuss-free application process.

All in all, it’s a tough market to be in. Recruiters are working hard to attract top talent for their business against stiff competition. If you want to compete with the best, then you need applicant tracking software you can rely on and a recruitment process that feels simple and straightforward for your applicants. 

That’s where we come in! 

How Can Reach ATS transform and streamline your recruitment process? 

Reach ATS is applicant tracking software that’s as simple as it is smart. It’s been designed to streamline your recruitment process, to automate hiring and create efficiencies that provide a first-class candidate journey. 

So, what makes our ATS the best for your business? Let’s find out: 

How can ATS software streamline the hiring process for technical roles? 

Applicant tracking software like Reach ATS simplifies the recruitment process by automating regular tasks, increasing efficiency, and freeing up your team to focus on the people, not the process. Here’s just a few ways an ATS can lighten the admin load:

  • Performs first screening of candidates, allowing you to focus on specific IT skills and abilities instead of generic criteria 
  • Self-serve interview scheduling to offer flexibility to candidates
  • Scheduled candidate communications at key stages in the process to keep applicants engaged
  • Integrates with 3rd party software to enable IT specific pre-employment assessments and tests. 
  • Online contract signing and onboarding for a speedier time-to-hire. 

What key features of Reach ATS distinguish it from generic HR systems or recruiting software? 

Reach ATS offers a bespoke approach to applicant tracking, customising its system to suit your business and your recruitment process. We’re firm believers that one size doesn’t fit all. Our system is designed and built to your business’ requirements, from custom workflows to personalised reporting. 

Alongside our flexible ATS, you’ll also gain access to our brilliant and knowledgeable Talent Attraction Specialists whose extensive recruitment and advertising expertise will help you find skilled IT talent for your business. 

Offering exclusive online advertising packages and with a wealth of experience and expertise in IT recruiting, our Candidate Attraction service can boost your ad reach and really supercharge your hiring. 

With an example, how can Reach ATS automate tasks to reduce the administrative burden for IT recruiters?

When you’re recruiting for an IT role that requires specialist skills or qualifications it can be time-consuming trawling through applications to remove those that don’t meet your essential criteria. 

Reach ATS allows you to build in ‘disqualifier’ or ‘killer’ questions to your applications. Simply select the ‘disqualify’ option in edit mode and applicants who don’t meet the essential criterion are immediately removed from the process. 

The application is rejected as it’s being submitted, displaying a polite message on screen for the applicant. 

This is a really quick and efficient method of filtering candidates, ensuring no further time is wasted either by the candidate or by your HR team. Using Reach to do you your first sort of applicants provides a fair and unbiased shortlisting process too.

Can Reach ATS adapt to the dynamic skill requirements of the IT industry, ensuring a scalable and flexible recruitment process? 

Things change fast in IT recruitment. And you need an ATS that can keep up with the demands of that industry. Reach ATS has been designed to grow and flex with your business, scaling up as you need it. You can: 

  • Alter application forms and adverts in minutes using our form builder tools.
  • Adapt your data reporting to customise it to your needs. 
  • Use Reach to build a talent pipeline, protecting you from future skills gaps. 
  • Add new Hiring Managers to their personal portal in seconds, giving them the autonomy to review applications and book interviews.

Not only that, when you buy Reach ATS you’re future proofed. Your Reach ATS is constantly updated, so there’s no chance we’ll stop being able to integrate with your required pre-employment tests and checks, your HRIS, and any other HR software you use. Bring it on! 

What role does Reach ATS play in Fostering Collaboration and Enhancing Candidate Experience in IT Recruitment teams?

Reach ATS facilitates collaboration across your company. By centralising all your recruitment documentation, data, and actions, it offers a unified space for all recruitment processes.

Any member of the team can access the central dashboard and review live vacancies at a glance. Hiring managers, who access the system via their own bespoke portal, will be notified when applications are ready to shortlist and can see their outstanding actions. 

Candidates also benefit from their own bespoke portal. Signing in via email or socials, they can amend and complete applications, check messages and keep track of their progress through the process, fostering a positive and engaging candidate experience. 

Reach really can help you stand out from the crowd. 

When you’re hiring IT specialists, you need an online system that works for them – wherever they are in the world and however they wish to apply. Great salary and benefits packages are all well and good, but if a candidate becomes frustrated with a clunky application process, you’re not going to secure that top talent for your business.

Reach ATS offers a bespoke solution that enables you to provide the most efficient, streamlined candidate journey. Helping you stand out from the crowd. And allowing your team to focus on choosing the right talent for your business, rather than sifting through applications. 

Our smart software has been designed to give you the advantage in this busy recruitment marketplace. It really is recruitment reimagined. Reach out for a demo today and let’s get those super specialist IT vacancies filled.