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  • HR Portal

    Oversee and control your company’s entire recruitment process from our easy-to-use HR Admin portal wherever, whenever.

Your hiring process, your way

We believe HR should be about people, not process. That’s why we’ve designed an ATS that adapts to your business. We automate and streamline your current workflows. Freeing up your team to find the best candidates for your company.

The HR Portal is the command centre of your ATS. From here your HR team has complete oversight and control of all your hiring admin, from requisition to onboarding.

From form building to managing preferred suppliers, the central dashboard lets you view all live vacancies, build custom reports, issue actions to hiring managers and of course, transfer candidate data over to your HRIS system.

You name it, Reach does it. Our flexible system leaves everyone feeling a little bit more human.

Our customisable, feature rich personnel platform includes:

  • At-a-glance dashboard of live vacancies
  • Document and asset management
  • Multiple (and custom) reporting options
  • Unlimited branded advert, email, and text message templates
  • Form building management
  • Calendar and Teams integration
  • Task management (with alerts and reminders)
  • Access from any device
  • Fast search for candidates
  • Control over advertising sources
  • Ability to set up and manage individual and group interview slots
  • User guides, training centre, access to support and support tickets
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