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  • Hiring Manager Portal

    Our bespoke portal for hiring managers. Because recruitment is about company-wide collaboration.

Hassle Free Hiring

Reach does the heavy lifting when it comes to your HR admin. But did you know it encourages teamwork too?

Our bespoke Hiring Manager Portal brings colleagues from across your business into the ATS fold. Making job requisition a walk in the park.

From our simple but smart portal, your hiring managers can raise job requisitions, shortlist candidates, arrange interviews, message candidates, and send out job offers.

The intuitive central dashboard shows them all their live vacancies, lists actions required and lets them track the progress of their vacancies from requisition to interview to offer.

  • Choose a templated job requisition form or set up a new form
  • Check requisition approval status
  • Schedule and edit interview slots
  • Shortlist candidates
  • Read panel feedback
  • See outstanding actions
  • Contact candidate
  • Receive notifications on confirmed interviews and approvals.
Frequently asked questions
What is Reach ATS’s hiring software (Hiring Manager Portal)?
Reach ATS hiring software is a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline the recruitment process. It allows for efficient candidate tracking, job requisition, and collaboration across your business, making it easier for hiring managers to manage their candidate and job vacancy related tasks. Our platform simplifies the hiring process with a user-friendly interface that integrates all aspects of recruitment from initial job posting to onboarding.
How does Reach’s ATS enhance hiring tracking for managers?

The Reach ATS enhances hiring tracking by providing a bespoke portal for hiring managers where they can effortlessly monitor the status of job requisitions, manage interviews, and conduct candidate evaluations in real-time. This centralised dashboard ensures that hiring managers stay informed on every aspect of the recruitment process, enabling timely decisions and actions.

What features make the hiring manager portal a leading ATS hiring solution?
Reach ATS stands out as a leading ATS hiring solution thanks to its comprehensive set of features designed to facilitate hassle-free hiring. These include customisable job requisition forms, interview scheduling, candidate shortlisting, panel feedback integration, and automated notifications for interview confirmations and approvals. Its intuitive design encourages company-wide collaboration in recruitment efforts.
How does our hiring management software facilitate team collaboration?
Our hiring management software, specifically through the Hiring Manager Portal, is tailored to encourage teamwork in the recruitment process. It brings together colleagues from different departments, allowing them to raise job requisitions, shortlist candidates, arrange interviews, and manage onboarding collaboratively. The central dashboard provides a clear overview of all live vacancies and required actions, promoting effective communication and cooperation among team members.
Can you describe the overall hiring system provided by Reach ATS?
The overall hiring system provided by Reach ATS is a comprehensive suite designed to support every stage of the hiring process. From job requisition to candidate management, interview scheduling, and offering the position, our system ensures a smooth and efficient workflow. Its automation capabilities reduce HR administrative burden, while its collaborative features engage the whole team in the recruitment effort.
What advantages does hiring automation software offer to businesses?
Our hiring automation software offers several key advantages, including significant time savings by reducing manual tasks, improved candidate experience through streamlined communication, enhanced decision-making with centralised data and analytics, and better team collaboration with shared access to recruitment tools. These benefits lead to more efficient hiring processes and higher-quality candidate selection.
How does online hiring software improve recruitment efficiency?
The online hiring software improves recruitment efficiency by automating various stages of the hiring process, such as job postings, applicant tracking, interview scheduling, and feedback collection. This reduces the time and effort required from the hiring team, allowing them to focus on evaluating candidates and making strategic decisions. Additionally, our platform’s ease of access ensures that all team members can participate in the recruitment process, regardless of their location.
Why should businesses choose Reach ATS as their online hiring platform?
Businesses should choose Reach ATS as their online hiring platform for its comprehensive functionality, ease of use, and flexibility. Our bespoke Hiring Manager Portal is designed to support the unique needs of each organisation, facilitating seamless collaboration and efficient recruitment. With outstanding customer support, continuous innovation, and a commitment to simplifying HR administration, Reach ATS is the ideal partner for companies looking to enhance their hiring success.
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